Store Rules

  • All sales are final. No money back except for *Custom Structure Locations-existing structure. For the Custom Structure location you have *two days to cancel and have your money back. Other than that all of the other customizations have a*Three days waiting period in which you can have your order changed/edited. After the three days waiting period, you can not change, edit, or cancel your order.

  • The waiting period is not to cancel orders, but is to change/edit your order only

  • Any item/service you buy is yours and yours only

  • The items (clothing) are yours, which means if you wish to let other players use them, then that's your decision.

  • All reskins/retextures will be available in-game via trader. If an item (Clothing) does not belong to you or your clan/group. Your're not allowed to use it unless you paid for it

  • All other items (Check Store) will be available at the trader. When you get a custom item from the trader, make sure you read the description of the item. There will be a note on the bottom of the item's description stating whether the owner of said item is allowing others to use it or not

  • If an item does not have a note in the description box, then you're free to use it.

  • Note that permanent items will stay on the server for the lifetime of the server.

Please refer to each page to get more info.