Custom clan/group tag

choose your color

we'll make it happen

So you want your clan/group to have a nice-looking color when you type in chat?

then this is for you....

Custom clan/group tags are a very cool way to show off your clan/group name when you type in global chat.

You can have your clam/group tag color permanent or temporary.

Our community is different when it comes to tag color:

Our community gives you the ability to change your clan/group tag once every server wipe (if you like) free of charge, for this you need to purchase the permanent option .

as for the temporary option, you have one color for one month only.

How to order the custom clan/group tag?

  • Go to our discord and open an Order ticket.

  • we'll then reply to your ticket and ask for info.

  • The info that you need to provide is what color you want your clan/group tag to be.

  • If you paid for the permanent option, then your clan/group tag will be on the server for life. And, you'll have the ability to change the color of your clan/group tag once every server wipe free of charge.

  • If you choose the temporary option, then you're limited to one color for one month only.

  • Afterwards, you'll look at the final product. If you like it, then we'll finalize your order.

  • Once your order is finalized, there will be a *three-day waiting period in which you can change your order. (Note: The waiting period is not to cancel orders, but is to change/edit your order only)

  • After the *three-day waiting period is up, we'll add the structure to the server.


  • Temporary Clan/group tag (One Month) - 10.00 USD

  • Permanent Clan/group tag (Lifetime) - 50.00 USD - or Patreon