Priority queue

What is a priority queue?

Basically, a priority queue is when the server is at full population and you're trying to join the server, but have to wait in a queue. Priority queue will give you the ability to be the first in line, even though there was a number of people in front of you.

So by getting priority queue, you're guaranteeing the first in line position.

How to order the priority queue?

  • Go to our discord and open an order ticket.

  • we'll then reply to your ticket and ask for info.

  • The info that you need to provide is what type of payment did you use?

  • whether you paid via PayPal, Cashapp, Venmo, or Patreon

  • Then you'll have to provide proof of payment.

  • Once we get all of the information needed. We will then issue your priority queue, which should take effect within the next server restart.

Priority queue pricing

Temporary - (13.00 USD for one month)

permanent - (Patreon)