Game General Rules (Chapter 1):

1.1. We do not deal with Clan affairs if you have an issue with your Clan. Work it out, and don't bring the staff into it.

1.2. Meta Gaming is strictly prohibited. (i.e., No calling out base locations in global chat).

1.3.You can not exploit any bugs or glitches within the server. For the first offense, you'll be warned. Second offense, you'll be temp banned. And on the third offense, you'll be permanently banned.

1.4. Using racial slurs is strictly prohibited.

1.5.Combat Logging is prohibited. You can not log off during a fight/raid.

1.6. Griefing is prohibited. (I.e., throwing items on the ground or deleting items during a raid to prevent the raiding players from having them). **For Clarification Purposes** If the raiding player is throwing deleting items after he raids a base. This is NOT considered Griefing.

1.7. Be respectful to other players. They're here to enjoy their time. Do not ruin the experience for them.

1.8. Cheating is strictly prohibited. If you get caught cheating, you'll be immediately banned without warning.

1.9. If you have an issue with a staff member, do not argue with them. Instead, open a ticket and report them (any staff reporting tickets will be viewed by higher-ups only).

1.10. Teleporting will not be provided if you get stuck unless it's a server-side issue. (I.e., getting stuck due to a server restart). Staff will provide TP based on their discretion.

1.11. For any compensation, keep the following in mind:

A- we have to have proof to provide comps.

B- if you lost your vehicle/gear due to a server issue, then we'll provide compensation based on SS or clip proof of having said items.

C- If you lost your gear to a cheater/Hacker, then we'll provide comp without proof. (We still need proof of you being killed by a cheater).

1.12. Clans are limited to a 10-man group.

1.13. Stream sniping is prohibited **first offense** is a 2d temp ban **2nd offense** is a 7d ban **3rd offense**. You are not welcome on the precinct anymore.

Building Rules (Chapter 2):

2.1. You can not build within 550 Meters of a safe zone.

2.2. You can not build within 600 Meters of any military base (Vanilla or Custom).

2.2. a. You can not build inside police stations.

2.3. You're allowed to have two bases (Max). That includes your raid/stash base.

2.4. you're limited to 50 locked doors. That counts towards both of your bases (If you have two).

2.5. you can build sky bases (A tree base or a suspended base). However, the base/s has to have support. Any sky base that does not have support will be deleted by staff without any warnings (This rule also applies to water base/s).

2.6. you can not build walls back to back to prevent dismantling (I.e., two green sides facing each other).

2.7. you're limited to Six stories high base/s. any base/s has more than six stories. The extra story will be deleted by staff without warning

Raiding Rules (Chapter 3):

3.1. This server allows door/hatch and window raiding.

3.2. Bases are allowed to be dismantled. In other words, you must ensure your base is safe and secure from dismantling.

3.3. Boosting is allowed. (If you can make your way into a base by boosting, then you're all good to go for it).

3.4. Player stacking is also allowed. However, you're limited to three players, including you (having two other players with you).

3.5. In order to take over a base you raided, you must remove all code locks and the flag completely.

3.6. you can not build while being raided. In order to build your raided base, you'll have to wait 30 minutes after the raid is over (The last raiding player leaves).

3.7. You can not call your base location in side chat while being raided in order to get help from other players. This is considered Meta Gaming (Rule: 1.2)

3.8. you can not log out when you're being raided. This is considered Combat Logging (Rule: 1.5)

3.9. Raids can be countered by anyone.

3.10. You can not place anything in front of the doors/windows to prevent other players from raiding you (I.e., placing a locker or other non-movable objects).

3.11. Revenge raiding is allowed. However, you have to wait 48 hours before you can raid your old clan.

3.12. Glitch Raiding is prohibited (Logging out and in next to a base to make your way in).

3.13. Vortexing is prohibited (i.e., punching through walls).

NOTE: We recommend recording your raids and keeping the video footage for 48 hours for future disputes.**

Store Rules (Chapter 4):

  • All sales are final. No money back except for *Custom Structure Locations-existing structure. For the Custom Structure location you have *two days to cancel and have your money back. Other than that all of the other customizations have a*Three days waiting period in which you can have your order changed/edited. After the three days waiting period, you can not change, edit, or cancel your order.

  • The waiting period is not to cancel orders, but is to change/edit your order only

  • Any item/service you buy is yours and yours only

  • The items (clothing) are yours, which means if you wish to let other players use them, then that's your decision.

  • All reskins/retextures will be available in-game via trader. If an item (Clothing) does not belong to you or your clan/group. Your're not allowed to use it unless you paid for it

  • All other items (Check Store) will be available at the trader. When you get a custom item from the trader, make sure you read the description of the item. There will be a note on the bottom of the item's description stating whether the owner of said item is allowing others to use it or not

  • If an item does not have a note in the description box, then you're free to use it.

  • Note that permanent items will stay on the server for the lifetime of the server.