Custom clothing skins

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your own custom clothing skin

How does the custom clothing order work?

  • Go to our discord and open an Order ticket.

  • we'll then reply to your ticket and ask for info

  • The info that you need to provide is what clothing part you'd like (i.e. tops, pants, armor, etc.)

  • You can either order individual clothing items or as a set.

  • You'll then send us a picture of what you like to be on the clothing item(s)

  • Or you could tell us the idea that you have, and we'll do our best to design it.

  • Afterwards, you'll look at the final product. If you like it, then we'll finalize your order.

  • Once your order is finalized, there will be a *three day waiting period in which you can change your order. (Note: The waiting period is not to cancel orders, but is to change/edit your order only)

  • After the *three-day waiting period is up, we'll add the item(s) to the server.

Our custom clothing offers:

  1. Custom Clothing skins [Set] (45.00 USD). The clothing set includes the following:

  • 1 Top(s)

  • 1 Pant(s)

  • 1 boot(s)/shoes

  • 1 armor (Tier 5 and below)

  • 1 helmet(s)

  • 1 glove(s)

**Note: Backpacks and Belts are not included in the set.

  1. Custom Clothing skins [individual items]. The individual items are as follows:

  • Tops ($7.00 Each)

  • Pants ($7.00 Each)

  • Boots/Shoes ($5.00 Each)

  • Backpacks ($15.00 Each)

  • Armor "Tier 5 and below" ($15.00 Each)

  • Helmets ($10.00 Each)

  • Hats/Masks/Bandanas ($5.00 Each)

  • Belts ($5.00 Each)

  • gloves ($5.00 Each)