Custom vehicles skins (Ground)

your design

our work

the result

We have a wide verity of ground vehicles (Armored and non-armored)

You can either come up with a design, or ask us to design it for you.

you can check out some cool examples at the bottom of this page.

How to order a custom vehicle skin (Ground)?

  • Go to our discord and open an order ticket.

  • we'll then reply to your ticket and ask for info.

  • The info that you need to provide is what you want your vehicle to look like.

  • you can send us any pictures for reference.

  • Furthermore, which vehicle do you want to retexture?

  • Afterwards, you'll look at the final product. If you like it, then we'll finalize your order.

  • Once your order is finalized, there will be a *three-day waiting period in which you can change your order. (Note: The waiting period is not to cancel orders, but is to change/edit your order only)

  • After the *three-day waiting period is up, we'll add the structure to the server.